Welcome to No Excuses Training

The classes we offer are TRX & Boxing Fitness. The classes are 60 minutes in length. You MUST sign up for your class at least two hours in advance. If you are attending a 6:00 am class you MUST sign up the night before no later than 11:00pm. If we check to see if anyone has signed up at 11:10 pm the night before an early morning class and no one is signed up we will NOT be there to teach the class. 
The cost of membership is non-negotiable. We are a business and as such, we cannot make concessions or give discounts randomly. We believe our training has value and is priced accordingly. We currently only offer an "Unlimited" membership package. We do NOT freeze accounts, its a month to month membership and we can not spend time keeping track of who has frozen their account, we want to spend our time giving you the best training. 

We offer an Auto-Pay system for credit or debit cards. We highly recommend clients to use this system as it removes the headaches for all parties in remembering a payment and you will never be late. If you choose to pay in cash or check, you MUST be on time with your payment and you must have a CC on file with us as a backup. You have 5 days from your payment due date to submit payment. After that, we will charge a 10% late fee. Your payment dates are set on either the 1st or 15th of each month dependent upon which dates work best for you.
You MUST notify us in writing of membership cancellation 30 days in advance.If you do not adhere to this, we will charge you for the current month. There are no refunds if you decide to quit No Excuses Training once your payment has been made and we were not given proper notice. If you wish to make a change to your membership
status, please notify us prior to the next billing cycle. If you wish to bring a friend to a "Free Class" to have them get a taste of our training, we have no issue with that. However, we require prior notification of this so we can approve it dependent upon what the schedule is like for that day.
This rule also applies for potential new clients. Please contact us ahead of time to schedule.
Please be on time. This is imperative as class sizes grow and needing to start each group on time becomes a priority. If we are late a few minutes in one class, it carries over to the next and compounds throughout the day. If it is going to be a matter of a couple minutes, call or text us.

​Last but not least. Our company name is No Excuses Training, please keep that in mind when you try to give excuses to why you can not attend a class. I have over 150 excuses for viewing and if yours is not on the list please add it and come anyways!


Location: 8417 Washington Blvd, Suite 145

Roseville Ca, 95678

Contact Christine # 916-899-1489